Friday, 29 April 2011

Metallica show of 2011 and the first U.S. gig featuring The Big 4

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax rocked have more than 50,000 fans at the Empire Polo Grounds to their core last Saturday.

The first Metallica show in 2011 and first U.S. gig was 4 large property. Nearly three years in the U.S. after the band's last big gig was outside, the last one was 2008 Ozzfest in August.

Fan "Orion" Cliff Burton wrote in the "master of puppets" extraordinary valley, were treated in full version. While the first half of this song in 2005 was in two shows, this is the first time was in the U.S. version was completed

Metallica's members of Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax to revealed a cover of Diamond Head's "Am I Evil?".

On the jam participated are Dave Mustaine, Kerry King, Scott Ian, Rob Caggiano, Chris Broderick, David Ellefson, Frank Bello, Charlie Benante, Shawn Drover, Dave Lombardo and Joey Belladonna.

Latest goodies for fans of Metallica's band show Saturday in the Big 4 include full audio set.

Even fans of selected shows for free download from the Web site before 2004 "The Vault" section can visit.

Big 4 – Empire Polo Grounds – Indio, CA – April 23, 2011

01. Creeping Death
02. For Whom The Bell Tolls
03. Fuel
04. Ride The Lightning
05. Fade To Black
06. Cyanide
07. All Nightmare Long
08. Sad But True
09. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
10. Orion
11. One
12. Master Of Puppets
13. Blackened
14. Nothing Else Matters
15. Enter Sandman


16. Am I Evil? (Diamond Head cover) (with all 4 bands)
17. Hit The Lights
18. Seek And Destroy

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Metallica music reveal in "Hesher"'s Movie

METALLICA's allowed the use of its music in "Hesher", the upcoming independent movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson, and Natalie Portman, according to Rockville Music Magazine,

Avid Metallica fan the "Hesher" font used on movie posters also will consider immediately.

In addition, the film, which is due on May 13 is the model for the Metallica's song "The Shortest Straw" including a piece.

Commented Gordon-Levitt: "I loved making this movie, and I love how it turned out. It's hilarious, but it's not just funny, it's smart, it's sad, it's hopeful, it's heartfelt, and it fuckin' rocks.

"Natalie decided to produce Spencer's script for a reason, and by the way her character's nothing like you've seen her.

"Devin, the protagonist, is a truly talented young actor.

"Rainn gave a legit no-joke badass dramatic performance.

"And, I'm humbled to say, METALLICA themselves liked it so much they gave us their music, they never give their stuff to movies!

"Now this really is an 'indie' film, meaning it's being independently released without any huge corporations behind the marketing and advertising and all that jazz. '500 Days Of Summer' had that 'indie' spirit, but it was put out by Fox Searchlight who has tons of resources to spread the word. 'Hesher''s just got us. So pass it around!"