Monday, 9 November 2009

Theatrical Screenings of Metallica DVD This Week

New live DVD to Metallica's will be shown on this week with the silver screen. That's the good news; the bad news is the theaters are in France, which makes sense with the footage having been filmed there. Don't worry you can still get the DVD from the band's website if you don't live in France and watch it on your big screen TV (or your friends).
Here is the announcement: If you live in France or will be visiting this Monday or Tuesday, check out a particular preview of Francais Pour Une Nuit, the live DVD filmed in Nimes, France on July 7, 2009.
You can own a copy of the DVD on November 23, but here is a opportunity to see it first and on the big screen at 17 Kinepolis or Europalace cinemas across the country on Monday, November 9 or Tuesday November 10 depending on the location.
The show at Europalace starts at 7:30pm or 8:30pm November 9

Europalace Cinemas:
- Paris : Pathé Wepler
- Lyon : Pathé Vaise
- Toulouse : Gaumont Wilson
- Aix En Provence : Le Cezanne
- Angers : Gaumont Variétés
- Montpellier : Gaumont Multiplexe
- Nantes : Pathé Atlantis - Rennes : Gaumont
- Bordeaux : Talence
- Toulon : Pathé Liberté
- Nice ; Pathé Massena
The show at Kinepolis starts at 8:30pm November 10. Tickets are 15 Euro and sold only at the reception of your local Kinepolis.

Kinepolis Cinemas:
- Kinepolis Lomme
- Kinepolis Mulhouse
- Kinepolis Nancy
- Kinepolis Nimes
- Kinepolis St Julien les Metz
- Kinepolis Thionville