Monday, 16 May 2011

Metallica's James Hetfield said, Metallica has a band of brothers

Metallica's James Hetfield, who about absent fathers is Justin Hunt contributed to an interview for documentary, Absent, recentlyattended a Q&A session at the movie’s screening in Mesa, Arizona.

's father's family walked out when the rock star was only 13 years. Hetfield is interviewed for the film and Metallica explained some pain as a child he can afford proper, according to the

At the screening Hetfield said: “When Justin asked me to be a part of this, I had no idea how much it was going to affect me, my family. My relationship with my son has definitely changed quite a bit. The relationship with my girls as well, has just totally stepped up to another level of me showing them how much they should appreciate how beautiful they are just as they are.”

Since screening is a church, Hatfield came to the meeting religious doctrine.

“My father being the equivalent of a pastor and really hardcore at home, I felt very smothered by all of that and I didn’t understand. And I didn’t feel free to ask questions about it because that would bring up my lack of faith. So, I have learned what great things have happened to people that can embrace a power greater than themselves. And, myself, being able to let go of the steering wheel and not trying to drive my life and knowing that there is a higher power taking care of all of us.”

Hetfield also talked about the very public personal issues within Metallica that came across in the documentary, Some Kind of Monster: “It was so heated, it was so much passion but a lot of it was driven by fear. And we knew deep down that we loved each other so much that nothing was going to tear us apart – even the worst kind of fight that was going on right then or him screaming the f-word in my face. Okay, you get it out. Now, the relationship is unbelievable. We are able to treat each other like brothers.”