Sunday, 27 March 2011

Metallica would be going 3D ran

Metallica would be going 3D ran into a bit of a snag. Making a claim the film production company apparently has no right to. This is what Metallica on their website says about this issue:

Writers Group Corporation and some recent film you under their front-line network linking us with the news can be seen. . . We are here Do you know that unique live video footage for future release their claims by obtaining is absolutely wrong. We do not even know who they are!

We are certainly in new technology and think that 3D is super cool. . . As always, before you read here Tallica news release when we have got.

We also received this statement from the Metallica camp: Metallica today announced that all announcements made on their behalf via Writers Group Film Corp. and their subsidiary Front Row Networks, Inc. are false.

Writers Group issued a press release on March 22, 2011 announcing "the acquisition of several hours of unique Metallica 3D & 2D concert video footage for distribution."

The band's attorney Peter Paterno said, "Metallica owns and controls its recorded performances and Creeping Death Music owns the vast majority of any music embodied in Metallica recordings. Pretty much any legitimate business would have contacted us to see how Metallica felt about it. Maybe these guys just forgot."

"We are very happy to have bolstered the Writers Group Film Corp. stock price by using the Metallica name," quipped Marc Reiter from Metallica's management, Q Prime. "We only wish they would have told us sooner so we could have bought some."

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Metallica's Lars Targets Another Screen

Metallica's Lars Ulrich is now stepping onto the small screen and stepping out from behind his drum kit. reports HBO has cast Ulrich in "Hemingway And Gellhorn," starring Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen.

One of America's most famous literary couples, Ernest Hemingway (Owen) and Martha Gellhorn story has been portrayed in the film.

Philip Kaufman directed this movie which is ready to be televised in 2011.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Festival revealed Metallica "boring"

Britain's Download Festival headline that the Festival organizers have decided to against booking Metallica at this year because they rockers are sure "boring" is often visits are from.

The rock band were perform at this stage in 2004 and 2006, but now this year they can't performed at this year event.

According to the organizer Andy Copping tells, "I booked Def Leppard because they deserve it, because they are big enough to do it... Metallica are a great band but if they went away for three or four years then came back then they'd be even bigger. When they keep coming back they become boring.

Metallica have toured extensively and have been here for seven of the last eight summers. For me that is definitely overdoing it."